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I retired from Agility in 2011 to move to the country and start this dog boarding kennel.  You might also notice my dairy goats - another of my passions.

Mikel Miller:   My name is Mikel Miller (pronounced Michael) and I'm 62 years old.  I opened the kennel in 2011 and have extensive knowledge of dogs, dog training, breed characteristics, and dog health.  I'm a USMC Veteran and live on the premises.

Chelsea DeVries:  Chelsea is in charge of Guest Services and will likely be the one who has the most contact with your dog.  Chelsea is an Air Force Veteran and has extensive knowledge of dogs, dog training, and dog behavior.  Chelsea has an amazing way with the dogs.  Even the shyest dog will warm up to her.

KEEPER:  Is our resident farm dog and greeter.  The English Shepherd is a heritage breed all-around farm dog believed to have been the dog originally brought to the Midwest by the settlers.  The English Shepherd was first dog I saw as a kid growing up on a dairy farm in SE Kansas.  They are considered a rare breed and are difficult to find now, being carefully bred by only a handful of breeders who primarily only place these dogs with a farm family.  See his pictures below.

Gone but always in my heart - Cissy, Sasha, Tony

Tony, earned his AKC Master Agility Champion title in and competed at the AKC National Championships in Tulsa.

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