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Your dog's low-stress alternative to big box boarding.
Never more than 10 dogs!

Experience you can trust.

Welcome to "your" new dog boarding kennel.  


Rawhide Ranch is completely different from other kennels.  

Our main focus is making your dog's boarding experience as stress free as possible.

Call me at 316 250 2276.  You tell me all about your dog and I'll tell you how Rawhide Ranch can help you have a "stress free" trip.


We are small on purpose.  Being small is key to creating a low-stress boarding experience for our clients. 


Because we are small, our daily routine is simple - much like it is at home - without the constant hustle bustle you find in a big kennel.  

As a result, your dog gets plenty of sleep.  Sleep deprivation is a major cause of stress-related kennel fatigue.

Never more than 10 dogs
Veterinarian Recommended

Area vets have come to know us and recommend us to their elderly patients or patients with stress-related "issues". 


Weekend and Holiday
Pickup by Appointment


We don't believe in group play.  Nope, never, not here.  It's just not safe!  

In fact, your dog will never be exposed to another dog here at Rawhide Ranch.  When your dog is having exercise time in our 1/2 acre fenced yard, all the other dogs are locked away in their kennel, giving your dog a stress-free, private exercise time.

NO Group Play
Unique Facility Design


I designed this kennel with two things in mind.  Your dog's safety, and eliminating unnecessary stress. 


The kennels all face one direction, and walls between kennels and private patios are four-inch-thick masonry.  Your dog feels safe in his cozy, private quarters without feeling alone.

The results?  Peace and quiet!  Dogs have the chance to sleep for hours undisturbed - just like at home, without the stress of constant barking.

Other kennels have copied my design, but have doubled the size and/or allow group play.  We remain the only kennel like this in S Central KS.


Visitors Welcome!

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